We enjoy transforming dated or ordinary marketing material into pieces that are more contemporary, better organized, easier to read, or more appropriate for the “personality” of the company we’re designing for. Here are a few transformations.

Before:   QuikDry Carpet & Tile Cleaning  wanted a quick update on their flier. We took the opportunity to give their brand a face lift while keeping the branded bright neon orange and green QuikDry colors.

After:  We used Mike Pollock, owner/operator of QuikDry, who stands out in person at 6’4” and wears his QuikDry neon signature colors. With improved order and readability, Mike has a more effective marketing tool.

Before: Mark Andersen & Associates, Realtors, Inc. first approached us to redesign their logo. This led to a complete overhaul of marketing materials to reflect his new company brand and level of professionalism.

After:  We wrote and designed this brochure to reflect the professionalism of the company but also to show, through photos, the warm, family-oriented side of this father/daughter business.


Before Brochure:  West Covina Smiles. The client requested we look over this mock up and improve where needed. Wanted it to be a self mailer.

After: Added a mail panel, brightened the colors, changed the layout, replaced some photos, edited text and made it more readable against backgrounds.

Before: Paradigm Mortgage Group allowed us to redesign this 11 x 17 marketing piece. It was printed on a digital color copier with a high saturation of saturated with ink that didn’t hold up well over time.

After: Muted colors, eliminated many design elements, edited and cut copy to create better balance, put text on white or light backgrounds, printed offset on heavy stock. This piece started their new branding.

Before Flier: Paradigm Mortgage –  Mortgage Rescue Center flier was produced in-house prior to the newly branded large brochure.

After: We brought in some of the new branding elementss and colors, then reorganized the text to make it more readable.

Before: Primary Care Management Services (PCMS) came to us wanting to accomplish two goals: 1) a more professionally designed and written brochure that would 2) help the attract high-end clients.

After: We met their goal by designing a large format brochure on cover stock that utilized their newly developed logo and brand colors. We incorporated a perforated business reply card to make it easy for busy doctors to respond.

Before Card: TLC Designs interior decorator used this card for years before she asked how we could improve her image and get higher-end clients.

After: Changed orientation from vertical to horizontal for better text flow, replaced clip art with dramatic curtain photo, new logo font and a solid color on the back for flair.

Before ACH Card: Pacific Federal Credit Union decided to change their brand when they moved to a new office this year. This is one of several items that has been rebranded so far.

After: The new brand started with the CEO’s  decision to change the logo color. From there, we designed a simple brand style with better quality stock and printing. The new cards are plastic.

Before: Laura Greene, Realtor decided to take charge of her branding. First step: switch from a template that’s available to all C-21 agents to her own customized brand.

After: We designed and organized a brighter card with a new, professional photo, easy to read text, and on the back, a personal message to her clients and potential clients.

Before: Esmerio’s Master Carpet Care, Inc. added their website to their business card using a sticker.

After:  We took this opportunity to update their brand and include their personal guarantee on the back.

Before: Red Hill Pizza‘s business card had a dated look and didn’t reflect the lively, unique atmosphere and colors of the actual restaurant. It also gave no clue of the extensive menu.

After: We photographed their unique people-shaped chairs and used the same red and purple as the walls. The map on the back helped customers find them. The menu is to broaden the appeal beyond just pizza lovers.

Before: Air Conditioning Estimators, Inc. was using a card didn’t represent their high quality level. Red ink on light weight yellow stock.

After: This was irresistible! We enhanced the logo and used both sides making it look like a playing card. This card gets a lot of notice.

Before: Connections 87 had a new product. Besides a mailer to his clients, we decided to also add the new service to the back of his business card.

After: By adding color and an image, the business card is transformed into a mini ad. We simplified the information on the back so it’s easier to read.

Before: Horses of Course created their own business card at first but preferred to have a card that reflected the rural area they lived in and serviced.

After: We obliged by using a photograph of a nearby pasture and a portrait of the company owner’s horse. The back was made to compliment the front.