When it comes to advertising, you can put your logo, tag line and/or your face on just about anything you know the public will see. Make that “your” public, meaning you’ll want to be in the line of site of the people you want to do business with. Consider strategic placements and opportunities to get the most exposure for your advertising dollars.

Here are some examples of advertising extras that can give your business a boost and set you apart from your competition:

• Billboards, Bus Benches:  Effective in areas surrounding your company location or in districts where you want to do more business.

• Signs, Banners, Posters, Flags:  Great marketing tools for event and trade show promotion.

• Vehicle Wraps & Car Magnets:  Take your marketing on the road everywhere you go!  A very creative way to advertise, especially when you do business locally.

• Sticky Notes, Pens, Mugs, Calendars, etc:  Never underestimate the power of FREE. People love to get free goodies. Tasteful promotional products go far in building client relations, whether wooing new clients or rewarding existing clients. Useful, funny, or decorative giveaway gifts with your logo and contact info will delight the recipients and serve as a reminder of you when ever they see or use it.

• Announcements, Ads:  Something new happening at your place of business? New office, product or service?  Send stylish announcements to your existing client base through the mail and/or publish an ad in your local Chamber or newspaper publication.

• And…

There are many opportunities available to get your message to your target audience. On a smaller, personal level your company might sponsor a local sports team.  On a larger scale you could place your large company banner on the home stadium wall.

More examples to come.