Brochures: Love ’em and Leave ’em

As the Internet continues to evolve, it’s easy to forget something that has long been considered an essential marketing tool: The brochure. Sure, you can say more and reach more prospective clients through digital marketing, but let’s not overlook some avenues where having a printed representation or overview of your business makes good marketing sense.

Networking: The art of meeting consistently with other business professionals for the purpose of building strategic alliances and trusting relationships. These are relationships that can and should be maintained over the years of your career. An exchange of business cards is fine, a well-designed brochure that incorporates your brand is move impressive and more likely to be be kept.

The wider reason for having a brochure when networking is to pass it to people who trust you and who, in turn, pass it to people they associate with and trust. Your sales Team. When you’re not around, it’s your marketing material that speaks for and of you and provides all of your contact information to prospective clients who want to know more about you.

Mail: Include your brochure in your estimates, invoices, proposals. Use it to point our new products and/or services as well as other changes in your business.

• Speaking opportunities: When invited to speak at meetings, business events, chamber functions, seminars, etc., add your classy, branded brochure along with your bio (which should also represent the elements of your brand). If there are multiple handouts that go with your presentation, consider making your brochure the actual branded presentation folder that holds the handouts.

Why miss out on any opportunity to make connections?

Love your brochure…. and leave it…wherever opportunity presents!