Once you’ve established your company brand or identity, put it to work!

A business card is usually the first and most common form of advertising used by businesses. It’s small, portable and, once in the hands of a client, it’s easily passed on from client to potential client in the referral process.

When you’re not around, your business card should be a tactile reminder of who you are and what you do.

For these reasons alone, shouldn’t your business card be excellent?

Creatively designed business cards take into consideration many elements and how they may be applied to appropriately represent your business.  Some examples of our work include these elements:

—Paper texture, type, weight, size and color

—Photographic images vs illustrations… or none

—Ink treatments, full coverage or minimal

—Application of foil, embossing or both

—Use of both sides

—QR Codes

—Orientation: vertical vs horizontal

Whether your business card is the first piece that launches your marketing, or is just one piece of your ongoing marketing, it is an essential part of your brand. Make it work for you!