The Good News about Post Cards

Post cards can be effective when they are strategically designed and strategically delivered. They are:

In Your Face

Unlike an envelope, the recipient obviously doesn’t have to open a post card. With a compelling graphic and headline, you have a good opportunity to engage the receiver’s attention as soon as they sift through their mail. Make it really good!

To The Point

Your message is brief (or should be). A standard, 4”x 6” post card doesn’t have a lot of real estate to work with but will cost less in postage. Larger post cards can get more attention just by being large. No matter the size, don’t use what little space there is to stuff it with everything you want your potential clients to know about you. It isn’t a brochure! Instead, use a simple strategy…

Catch attention: FREE, interactive, unusual graphic, etc

Create an offer: Coupon, discount, customization, etc.

Cultivate contact: Call, visit website, redeem, refer a friend, etc.

There are thousands of combinations that can be developed by tweaking this formula that can be fun, but the ones you need to be concerned with are the ones that will effectively connect with your specific target market. The people you want to take action.

A favorite old riddle: What weighs more, 100lbs of bricks or 100lbs of feathers? Of course, 100lbs weighs 100lbs no matter what. If this riddle referred to your marketing budget, then the question would be; do you want to spend your marketing dollars broadcasting thousands of post cards to non-specific recipients? Is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) an option you, or would it be more cost-effective for your particular company to spend the same amount of dollars mailing to fewer but specifically targeted recipients obtained through a cultivated list and are more likely to be interested in, and respond to, your offer?

There is no one-size-fits all formula. There are many factors to consider. Start with your growth goals, then talk to a professional, look at options and crunch the numbers. Then decide, design and deliver!

… and don’t forget to follow up!